We have a selection of travelling exhibitions that we produced ourselves, which aim to transmit and broadcast knowledge on issues related to energy and the environment.

Any institution can access them on loan. The exhibitions are accompanied by teaching materials and can be visited by students and adults.

Touring experiences are presented through specialised teaching activities and at educational sector fairs in the field of technology, as well as touring exhibitions.

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Our programmes

We transmit the values of energy efficiency, sustainability and caring for industrial heritage through an offer designed to provide a pleasant, interactive and dynamic experience.
Cleanairs el juego de la calidad del aire
We work to bring education and specialised knowledge to towns and cities across Spain with educational activities for all audiences.

More information and requests:

If you are interested in any of our travelling experiences or would like more information, you can contact us by:

Telephone: 93 412 96 80

Email: actividadesfundacion@naturgy.com