We improve the employability and training of professionals in the energy sector

Our training programme provides future professionals with up-to-date technical knowledge and raises awareness of the new materials being used in the sector. All our VT courses equip professionals to meet the needs of the sector, whatever the area.

The VT programme in numbers


Over 81,000 people –including teachers, students and workers involved in ongoing training all over Spain– have benefited from our training courses.

Aims of the vocational training programme

Detecting the energy sector’s needs in terms of vocational training.

Driving initial and employment-focused vocational training programmes to cover the needs detected.

Establishing collaboration agreements with public bodies and related entities.

Selecting the VT courses that are most suitable for the opportunities present in the area of action.

Updating or adapting some of the courses to meet the programme aims.

Seeking support from entities and leading companies in the sector to drive the programme forward.

Gaining the agreement and validation of the competent authorities regarding the programme.

Training trainers, as well as providing equipment to make practical learning possible in the centre.

Certifying the training received by participating students.

Collaboration agreements

  • Department of Educational Development and Vocational Training of the Government of Andalusia.
  • Principality of Asturias Ministry of Education.
  • Regional Government of Castile and Leon Ministry of Education.
  • Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
  • Regional Government of Catalonia Ministry of Education.
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training of the Government of Extremadura.
  • Regional Government of Galicia Ministry of Education, Universities and Vocational Training.
  • Madrid Region Ministry of Education and Youth.
  • Regional Government of Valencia Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
  • Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC).
  • Open University of Catalonia.
  • Public Service of State Employment.
  • Alliance for Vocational Training – TodoFP | Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

For more information

Please contact us by phone on 93 412 96 80 or by email at fp_fundacion@naturgy.com.