``Impulse for your Business`` Programme

The Naturgy Foundation initiated the support to installers of domestic services of the Mexican Republic, in the fields of natural gas, electricity and water, through the combination of consultancy and training.
Entrega Certificaciones Programas Internacionales México


This programme benefits the inhabitants of Cuauhtémoc Borough with few economic resources. The Cuauhtémoc Borough forms part of Mexico City and has more than 530,000 inhabitants with a floating population of 4,500,000 people.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • Benefit the inhabitants of Cuauhtémoc.
  • Carry out technical training..
  • Increase job opportunities.
  • Generate income through the business itself.
  • Promote gender equality.
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In total, the benefits of the program are: 2 natural gas technician training courses, 3 women lead training courses, 3 GEW technicians training courses (Gas, Electricity and Water), 1 social incubator, 1,600 people trained since 2008 and 8 cities where the program has been applied (Mexico City, San Luis Potosí, Monterrey, Toluca, Nuevo Laredo, Celaya, Saltillo, León).

“UNETE” Programme

This program began in 2006 with the aim of contributing to the reduction of the digital divide of children and young people studying in public schools in the distribution areas, through a strategic alliance with the “Union of Entrepreneurs for Technology in Education (UNETE) “.

The idea was to equip schools in the distribution areas that Gas Natural Fenosa México operates in.

This programme aims to contribute to raising the educational level and provide children in Mexico with the same opportunities by incorporating the benefits of computers and the internet in primary and secondary education across the country.

Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy en México

UNETE has a management model based on creating connections between the private initiative and the Ministry of Public Education to provide computers and educational technology to primary schools with fewer resources.

Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy en México

Each classroom in public schools with over 500 students will be provided with:

  • 15 computers, a printer and a scanner
  • Internet connection for a year
  • Helpdesk and collateral management
  • Preventative management for 5 years
  • Technical educational advice
  • Addition of four teachers to the staff
  • Educational CD’s
  • Inauguration and plaque acknowledging the donor inside the classroom
Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy en México

Since 2006, the program has collected the following achievements: 6,454 students, 9 schools, 140 computer equipment as a donation and 8 states of the Mexican Republic benefited.

``Community Brigades`` Programme

The main objective of this program is to spread the knowledge in the selected neighbors to train them, together with civil protection, on issues of emergencies and first aid. Thus, they will be well informed about the infrastructure that Naturgy carries out by channeling its streets and security with the what is counted.

A programme has been established to create support groups within the expansion areas which can resolve any concerns about the security and installation of the Gas Natural Fenosa network and can strengthen the connection between the authorities and the community.


It is a free federal programme that is operated by the civil protection of the borough. Civil protection provides several training modules, with the most interesting being:

  • First aid
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Evacuation

They will be supplemented by a course about natural gas.


Itinerant Exhibition

The Foundation will open on September 26, 2016 at the Industrial Club of Mexico City, coinciding with the celebration of the international seminar “The distribution of natural gas in Mexico: from theory to practice”, the traveling exhibition “Energy” of the Museum of Gas.
Programas internacionales Fundación Naturgy México

It will be exhibited in the Industrial Club for three weeks and will then start its tour of different cities across Mexico.

The Gas Museum travelling exhibitions have been organised in different places across Spain, but this is the first time they have crossed the Atlantic.