``Impulse for your Business`` Programme

The Naturgy Foundation initiated the support to installers of domestic services of the Mexican Republic, in the fields of natural gas, electricity and water, through the combination of consultancy and training.
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A public-private partnership was signed with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) and the Mayor’s Office of Cuauhtémoc, with the aim of developing and improving the quality of life of vulnerable groups. The ProEmpleo Foundation was integrated in Phase II, giving a twist to the programme. The aim was not only to create a business, but also to help participants find employment, which is why the programme changed its name to “Boosting Employability”.

From the start of the programme in September 2014 until May 2019, 370 people were trained, of whom 196 (50 women and 146 men) obtained their “Professionalization in natural gas, electricity and water” certification.

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Energy Vulnerability Plan

In view of new social challenges, Naturgy Mexico’s commitment to society for the correct use of energy and the protection of its customers, especially the most vulnerable members of society, the company has implemented an Energy Vulnerability Plan, in line with the one that Naturgy launched in Spain in 2017.

The first step of this plan was to launch, together with the Monterrey Technological Institute, a report to identify the population in a situation of energy vulnerability in the metropolitan area of Monterrey and Saltillo using solid scientific-technical criteria.

The results of this research will enable Naturgy Mexico to lay the foundations to ensure the company is at the forefront of the design of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes especially aimed at vulnerable sectors of the population.