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Through the Knowledge Center you can access a wide variety of information and documentation on topics related to energy and the environment, sustainability, energy efficiency or industrial heritage. This virtual space created by the Naturgy Foundation puts at your disposal books, articles, papers, magazines, videos and material of disclosure for free.

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Video of the webinar “Conversations on climate change and international positions with Valvanera Ulargui, Pedro Linares and Julio Lumbreras”


On 15 April the Naturgy Foundation and the Club of Rome held a new type of webinar based on expert conversations on current affairs relating to energy, the environment, and sustainability. The first session discussed climate change and different international positions, with the participation of Valvanera Ulargui, Director General of the Spanish Climate Change Office at MITECO; Julio Lumbreras, professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid; and Pedro Linares, professor at Comillas Pontifical University.


The role of sustainable finance in the energy sector


The current economic model is in the process of transition towards a sustainable economy. A more social, environmentally responsible economy in demand from different social groups, bodies and citizens.


Building Refurbishment Initiatives and Business Models. A Global Benchmark


Buildings are responsible for 40% of EU energy consumption, 36% of CO2 emissions and 55% of electricity consumption, making it a crucial sector for achieving the goals. European emissions reduction and energy saving.

One of the main conclusions of the study Initiatives and business models for the rehabilitation of buildings. A global comparison, by the authors Lucienne Krosse and Mikel Lasa of InnoEnergy.

The study published by Naturgy Fundation offers a comparison of the different initiatives, business models, experiences and success stories of building rehabilitation at an international level. This global vision is based on proven experiences and aims to provide information on the obstacles, solutions and concrete results obtained.

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Measures against energy poverty in Europe

The book on “Energy Poverty in Europe. A comparative analysis ”, analyzes the policies implemented in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain, and offers recommendations to continue making effective decisions in the fight against vulnerability.

This new publication edited by the Naturgy Foundation has been prepared by the Chair of Energy Sustainability of the IEB-University of Barcelona and directed by Professor María Teresa Costa.

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Economic-financial situation of the main companies in the Electricity Sector in Spain 2017-2019

The Naturgy Foundation presents a new study on the “Economic-financial situation of the main companies in the Electricity Sector in Spain 2017-2019″, carried out by Deloitte.

This study aims to provide verifiable information on the economic-financial situation of the Electricity Sector in Spain, understanding this as the grouping of electricity generation, marketing and distribution activities.

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A cost-efficient decarbonization study

We are pleased to invite you to the webinar presentation of the Study for Cost-Efficient Decarbonization, organized by the Florence School of Regulation, of the European University Institute.

The study has been prepared, with the support of the Naturgy Foundation, by the authors Andris Piebalgs, Christopher Jones, Piero Carlo Dos Reis, Go


Natural gas in industry

Cogeneration saves energy and avoids emissions into the atmosphere, being a relevant competitiveness factor for Spanish industry.

For it to continue to contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal, plans need to be developed to incentivize the renovation of existing facilities.

It is one of the statements of the report Natural gas in the industry, prepared by Lonjas Tecnología, S.A. and published by the Naturgy Foundation.

The document analyzes the important participation of natural gas in the industrial sector and its relevance in supplying the energy necessary both for its processes and for the generation of electricity, contributing to the fulfillment of the European objectives of reducing greenhouse gases and to greater energy efficiency.

For all these reasons, the report considers that, given its relevance not only in terms of energy consumption but also in terms of generating wealth and employment, the industrial sector should be carefully considered when establishing reduction strategies. emissions.

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Hydrogen. The energy vector of a decarbonised economy


Hydrogen is going to be an essential element of the European Union’s Green Pact and the path towards Europe’s energy goals for 2050. This is one of the main conclusions of a new book published by the Naturgy Foundation, Hydrogen. The energy vector of a decarbonised economy.

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Climate change. Scientific bases and questions for debate

In collaboration with Harvard University, the Naturgy Foundation and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) present the study “Climate change. Scientific bases and questions for debate”, which has the participation of renowned international experts.

The document has been coordinated by Julio Lumbreras, professor at UPM and visiting scientist at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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Summary video webinar “Climate Change. Scientific bases and questions for debate”


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Carbon Pricing: Main Achievements in Europe and Options for Deep Decarbonisation


“The cost of CO2 emissions must be reviewed so that the EU can meet its decarbonisation targets in 2050, and it is necessary to carry out a thorough reform of the Emissions Trading System to make it an effective tool.”

This is one of the main conclusions of the study Carbon Pricing: Main Achievements in Europe and Options for Deep Decarbonisation, published by the Naturgy Foundation and the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome.

The report, prepared by Compass Lexecon, analyses the experience accumulated in Europe since the creation of the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2005 and suggests reforms of this market to enable compliance with the European Green Deal, which has raised the target for the reduction in emissions by 2030 from 40% to 55%.

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