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Through the Knowledge Center you can access a wide variety of information and documentation on topics related to energy and the environment, sustainability, energy efficiency or industrial heritage. This virtual space created by the Naturgy Foundation puts at your disposal books, articles, papers, magazines, videos and material of disclosure for free.

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Economía Circular

Talks “Renewable gas and the circular economy”. Valladolid


Here you can find the talks given at the event held in Valladolid on 5 February 2019 on the circular economy by: Julio Lequerica, Jesús Díez Vázquez, Xavier Flotats, Oscar Hernández, Marcelino Chacón, Rubén Rodríguez, Francisco Torres and Raul Muñoz.

El biogás. Actualidad y perspectivas de un gas renovable

Biogas. News and perspectives of renewable gas


The biogas produced, with an estimated available primary energy potential in Spain equivalent to 2.3 million tonnes of petrol a year, is a renewable and flexible fuel capable of covering heat, electricity and vehicular fuel demands. Upgrading to biomethane and natural gas grid injection favours its use wherever and whenever transformation efficiency is highest, even as a resource for the chemical industry, integrating geographically distributed production and consumption. Despite its multiple advantages, its present economy depends largely on energy prices and governmental policies in areas such as regional development, waste management, renewable energy and climate change, which allow economic evaluation of the multiple environmental benefits and favour the development of this new industry.


11th Home Energy Efficiency Index


The Naturgy Foundation presents the latest edition of the Energy Efficiency Index for Spanish households, a study carried out since 2004 that makes it possible to identify the home energy behaviour and habits of Spanish citizens.

G-mobility Gas Natural Vehicular

The role of “g-mobility” in the current transport system


By 2030, according to the EU’s road map for decarbonisation, the EU should have reduced its carbon emissions by 40% compared to the 1990 levels. For the transition towards this objective, the EU must continue promoting low-carbon, cost-efficient technology, taking action in all the sectors responsible for emissions in Europe. Nevertheless, the transport sector has not experienced the same gradual decrease in emissions as other sectors, therefore delaying the bulk of specific advances in emission reduction processes until the next decade. Today, mobility still represents almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, and in urban areas it is responsible for increased atmospheric pollution.


Designing eco-cities


This article introduces the concepts of eco-city and eco-design. They are tools applied to move current cities towards this new, more sustainable city model. The article also describes some experiences of eco-design in urban settings. These experiences are classified according to the territorial scope and the flow they are involved in. The territorial areas or systems selected are: public space in which both the underground and the above ground part, the building and the neighbourhood are affected.


Talks “Natural gas in transport. An effective contribution to decontamination”. Santiago de Chile


You will find the talks given at the event held in Santiago de Chile on 28 November 2018, at which the opportunity offered by the use of clean energies in transportation was discussed.

Jornada Pobreza Energética

Talks “The energy poverty challeng”. Madrid


Here you can find the talks given at the event on energy poverty held in Madrid on 23 November 2018 by: Elsa Trujillo Balde, Efraim Centeno, Margarita de Luxán, Ester Sevilla, Paloma Taltavull, Ute Dubois, Saska Petrova, Brenda Boardman and Eero Alio.

Seminario Internacional Brasil GNV Gas Natural Vehicular

Talks “Mobility with natural gas: the solution for Brazil.”. Rio de Janeiro


Here you can find the talks given at the event held on 22 and 23 November 2018 on the technology solutions and environmental and economic benefits of using natural gas. Analysis of its use in private, public and goods transportation and the legal framework in Brazil.

G-mobility Gas Natural Vehicular

Talks “The competitiveness and sustainability of vehicular natural gas”. Barcelona


Here you can find the talks given at the event on vehicular natural gas held in Barcelona on 12 November 2018 by: Antonio Calvo, Alejandro Guerra and Josep Mª Armengol.


Talks “Energy and air quality”. Guadalajara


Here you can find the talks given at the event on air quality held in Guadalajara on 7 November 2018 by: Alberto Campos, Jesús de la Rosa, Cristina Linares, Begoña Artiñano, Carmen Frontaura and Angeles Cristóbal.