Naturgy Foundation to collaborate with Isadora Duncan Foundation on energy-related property rehabilitations in homes of vulnerable families

Part of Naturgy’s Energy Vulnerability Plan, the initiative follows the guidelines laid down by Spain’s National Strategy against Energy Poverty 2019-2024.

The Naturgy Foundation and the Isadora Duncan Foundation will work together on improving energy efficiency in the homes of vulnerable families using resources from the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund managed by the energy company’s foundation.

The Managing Director of the Naturgy Foundation, María Eugenia Coronado, underlined the goal to keep channels open for collaborating with the community sector in order to continue the fight against energy poverty. “What’s more, we are very happy to be able to work with the Isadora Duncan Foundation because it supports female-headed households – an especially vulnerable group,” explained María Eugenia Coronado.

The President of the Isadora Duncan Foundation, María García, highlighted how important it is for the community sector that entities such as the Naturgy Foundation get involved in this way. “It allows us to complement the consolidated energy vulnerability actions that we have been carrying out as a foundation since 2014.”

The agreement follows on from those already signed with other organisations (Cruz Roja, Cáritas, Foment de l’Habitatge Social, Hábitat 3, the Mambré Foundation, the Tengo Hogar Foundation, Accem and the Spanish Commission on Refugee Support – CEAR), which already have access to the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund to carry out rehabilitation, equipment and efficiency projects in the properties they manage.

This new agreement will allow actions under the Naturgy Foundation’s study entitled “Express Rehabilitation for Vulnerable Households” to continue, which promote low-cost but high-impact measures on both people’s quality of life and household energy bills. The rehabilitation measures include the repair and purchase of central heating systems, the installation of windows and glazing, the repair and installation of electricity and gas equipment, and the improvement of wall insulation.

Furthermore, the two entities will also work together on the promotion of energy efficiency training for the families supported by the Isadora Duncan Foundation through the Naturgy Foundation Energy School, which has already trained 17,000 people in Spain.

This agreement is in line with the Spanish National Strategy against Energy Poverty 2019-2024, which defines energy-related renovations as one of the lines of action to address this problem structurally. It also forms part of Naturgy’s Energy Vulnerability Plan, which seeks quality of life improvements for the groups affected by energy poverty and to offer them advice on energy consumption and payment for energy services.

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