Naturgy Foundation to reward best social energy initiative in Spain with 60,000 euros

The full prize amount must be spent on projects that improve quality of life conditions for the most disadvantaged groups in energy-related issues.

The panel will be chaired by Alberto Núñez, S.J., Director of the Pastoral Service and professor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, and will be made up of prestigious representatives from various fields.

The Naturgy Foundation launched its “Social Energy Initiative Prize” earlier today, which seeks to achieve two goals: raising the profile of outstanding individuals, entities and institutions in social sectors tied to energy; and helping fund initiatives in this field to improve quality of life for the most vulnerable.

First prize will consist of 60,000 euros, and there will also be a runners-up prize of 30,000 euros. These prize amounts must be spent in full on environmental, education, vulnerability, entrepreneurship, social inclusion or healthcare projects in the field of energy.

The Chairman of the Naturgy Foundation, Rafael Villaseca, believes that “more than just rewarding a certain specific project, the value of this prize lies in the continued funding for social projects in the field of energy.” Rafael Villaseca went on to say that “it is important for companies to foster this kind of initiatives at a time when energy is at the centre of social debate, be that from an environmental, educational or vulnerability perspective.”

A panel of recognised standing in terms of social issues 

The panel deciding the winners will be made up of outstanding figures from various fields and chaired by Alberto Núñez, S.J., Director of the Pastoral Service and professor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Alongside the chairman, the members of the panel will be: Manuel Bretón, President of Cáritas Española; Llum Delàs, trustee of the Esperanza Foundation; Salvador García-Atance, Chairman of the Lealtad Foundation; Father Ángel García Rodríguez, Chairman of Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Peace); Juan José López Burniol, Deputy Chairman of the ‘la Caixa’ Banking Foundation; Josep Ramoneda, Director of the European School of Humanities in Barcelona; Elena Salgado, Chair of the Spanish Consultancy Firms Association; Javier Senent, President of the Spanish Red Cross; and Gustavo Suárez Pertierra, President of UNICEF Spanish Committee.

The Deputy Chairman of the Naturgy Foundation, Jordi Garcia Tabernero, and its Managing Director, María Eugenia Coronado, will complete the panel. The winners will be announced during the second quarter of next year.

In its assessment, the panel will consider the results and impact of initiatives that the individual or entity has already carried out in the past. The social relevance, scope and scalability of the work, synergies with other individuals and institutions, and transparency and good management in the funding will be other criteria considered when choosing the winners.

Any individual or legal entity that, through its work, generates improvements in the social conditions of the most disadvantaged groups with actions in the field of energy will be eligible to enter the competition.

The deadline for presenting nominees is 31 January 2020. The legal terms and conditions can be found at

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