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After the success of the first call for proposals, Naturgy Foundation is launching the 2nd edition of the “Prize for the best social energy initiative”.

We want to raise the profile of outstanding individuals, entities and institutions in social sectors directly or indirectly tied to energy, and to help fund initiatives in this field to improve quality of life for the most vulnerable.

We are looking for projects that are energy-related, that have a clear social purpose and that help those who most need it to improve their living conditions: educational, energy vulnerability, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, health and environmental projects, and those relating to the circular economy, etc.

It is important that the initiatives submitted are in progress or already concluded.

The second edition will particularly value projects that can be adapted to the Covid-19 crisis, and also those that embody some kind of social or technological innovation. Furthermore, social relevance, the scope and scalability of the initiative, the synergies with other people and institutions, and financial transparency and good management will continue to be highly valued.

The full amount of the prize must also be spent on social projects that promote better conditions for the most vulnerable groups on energy-related issues.

The prize forms a part of Naturgy Foundation’s social action line, in its commitment to develop actions aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

  • What is the prize?
    First prize will consist of €60,000 euros, and there will also be a runners-up prize of €30,000 euros. The amounts will go towards the winners’ social initiatives.
  • Who can support this initiative?
    Any individual or legal entity that, through its work, generates improvements in the social conditions of the most disadvantaged groups with direct or indirect actions in the field of energy.
  • When is the deadline for applying?
    Candidates may submit their applications until 31 January 2020, and the prize will be awarded during the second quarter of the year.

Winners 1st edition

First prize

“No home without energy” project by the Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo (Ecology and Development Foundation – Ecodes)

This initiative provides personalised information and advice on reducing energy bills, learning responsible habits and putting energy efficiency measures for homes in place, along with help in financing them. Information is transmitted to groups in a situation, or at risk, of energy poverty using various tools and channels: advice points, home visits, website, on-line energy management tools, workshops and volunteer programmes.

Runners-up Prize

“Family Finances and Energy Poverty Education” project by the Isadora Duncan Foundation.

The initiative, which has been running since 2011, aims at boosting families’ financial power and correct income management while promoting responsible investment, signing up, expenditure and consumption, and sustainable energy use. It has three hubs: financial and energy advice, education (Family Savings School) and dissemination (www.gestionfamiliar.es) using ICTs to spread the information all over the country

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Panel considers


alberto-nunezAlberto Núñez, S.J.
Director of “Servicio Pastoral” and professor of “Universidad Pontificia Comillas”

Vice president

jordi-garcia-tabernero_Jordi Garcia Tabernero
Vice president of the Naturgy Fundation



Manuel Bretón

President of “Cáritas” Spain


María Eugenia Coronado
General Director of the Naturgy Fundation 


Llum Delàs 
Patroness of  “Fundación de la Esperanza”


Padre Ángel García Rodríguez
Founder and President of “Mensajeros de la Paz”


Salvador García-Atance
President of “Fundación Lealtad”


Juan José López Burniol
Vice president of Banking Foundation ”la Caixa”


Josep Ramoneda
Director of “Escuela Europea de Humanidades de Barcelona”


Elena Salgado
President of “Asociación Española de Empresas de Consultoría”


Javier Senent
President of “Cruz Roja” Spain


Gustavo Suárez Pertierra
President of UNICEF Spanish Committee