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Our Solidarity Fund for Energy Rehabilitation carries out express and low-cost interventions to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of vulnerable families.

Express retrofitting has established itself as one of the most effective tools for minimizing the impact of energy poverty. Its effect on the habitability of homes, comfort in the home and/or savings on energy bills is immediate.

From the Naturgy Foundation we encourage any company related to these energy rehabilitations to join this initiative, either by helping in its execution, or by adding your expertise. Between all of us, we will be able to help more families!

Acción Social Fundación Naturgy

Expres low-cost


Homes of vulnerabily


More than 3.000
rehabilitations since 2018

Why it is important and
who it is aimed at?


We adapt homes energetically to reduce energy vulnerability


We know that suitable energy in homes is one of the key measures for reducing energy vulnerability. This is stated in the 2019-2024 National Strategy to Tackle Energy Poverty, which includes our initiative as an example of good practices. Therefore, we aim at social housing managed by Public Bodies and Third Sector organisations that the Foundation collaborates with.

What type of assistance it covers and
how we select the houses?

We repair or replace household equipment and improve interior electricity and gas installations. The social entities we work with choose the homes that most urgently require renovation from among the families they support.

Rehabilitación viviendas exprés Fondo Solidario
Rehabilitación viviendas exprés Fondo Solidario

We respond to your doubts

  • What does the Energy Rehabilitation of homes include?

    Home improvements to increase energy efficiency, which can be completed dynamically and without making structural changes. The solutions are classified as follows: floors, roofs, woodwork and glass and solar protection.

  • On what do we base ourselves to carry out the rehabilitations?

    The Naturgy Foundation bases these rehabilitations on 75 solutions that it published in its book “Express rehabilitation in vulnerable homes. Low cost solutions”, published in 2017, prepared by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. These measures began to be implemented in 2018 with the aim of putting them into practice.

    In 2022 this publication was updated, adding new solutions until reaching 90 measures. And a report was also prepared with the assessment and impact of social entities on the energy rehabilitation project.

  • What equipment in the home is reparable or replaceable?

    Installations that maintain the temperature and humidity in homes at a suitably healthy level, such as fridges, cookers, heaters, boilers and dehumidifiers.

  • What does the interior installation of electricity and gas include?

    In accordance with the basic regulations to guarantee supply and adhere to the security regulations.

  • How do you select the homes in which to do a rehabilitation?

    The Third Sector organisations that the Naturgy Foundation collaborates with propose the social housing of families that are cared for by their vulnerability programmes.

    The social housing proposed by public organisations is also considered.

  • How are projects prioritized?

    Preference is given to the projects that look after the most vulnerable groups with the most urgent needs. The stability of the family, as well as their permanence in the home where the work is carried out, must be taken into account.

  • How is the actions monitored?

    The Naturgy Foundation monitors all the proposals and operations carried out in the homes in order to compare comfort and energy expenses. It creates an annual monitoring report of the Fund which includes operations carried out, the recipients and the benefit gained, and it will be published on the Foundation website.