The school in numbers

December 2023 (data accumulated since 2017):


Almost 3,000 trainings (68% families and 32% professionals).


35,000 people trained.


More than 700 municipalities visited across Spain.


45 webinars and 4,100 attendees to ensure continuous training.


Between €160 and €200/year average savings in energy consumption of the people attending the sessions.

Who can benefit from the offer?

We have two distinct audiences:

Who can benefit from the offer?

We have two distinct audiences:

Training services to...

Training services to...

If you are interested in any of these courses, do not hesitate to contact us:

Course and workshop topics

The three main topics are the energy bill, the subsidised rate and energy effiency.

We have other specific training courses such as energy poverty, the energy sector, regulatory issues and energy audits, among others.


The main concepts in electricity and gas bills are explained so that the person understands their billing, acquires criteria for assessing their contract and the possibility of making changes to save money.

Energy efficiency

Good consumption habits in the different rooms and appliances are reviewed.

Subsidised rate

It explains what it consists of, who is entitled to apply for it and, above all, how and where to apply.

Online workshop calendar for professionals 

We now have registration open for workshops scheduled for the next 2 months. 

You can check more than one option and we will assign you to one of them. 

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The Energy School
therefore contributes to
a just transition
through the empowerment
of vulnerable people.



their autonomy in managing their energy supply contracts.

their energy consumption patterns, reducing, in many cases, their vulnerable energy situation.

Energy efficiency

Tips on how to save on your daily consumption with The Energy School

Price associated with the Subsidised Rate

Subsidised consumption limit

Energy efficiency tips