Al lado de los que más nos necesitan

Es nuestro programa de acción social para ayudar a personas vulnerables, aprovechando el conocimiento de los empleados y jubilados de Naturgy. Se enmarca dentro del Plan de Vulnerabilidad de la compañía.

500 registered

4.000 families

900 children

What initiatives are currently being carried out?

Energy efficiency workshops

Training for families in vulnerable situations given by Naturgy volunteers on energy efficiency habits, key concepts to save on energy bills and managing aid such as the subsidised rate.

Workshops with children and youngsters

Our volunteering also focuses on little ones. To this end, fun training sessions on energy efficiency, savings and sustainability are provided for groups of primary and secondary children, especially in vulnerable areas.

Energy rehabilitation

Our volunteers visit the homes of vulnerable families to detect possible interventions related to express rehabilitation. They also use these visits to provide energy advice and encourage efficient consumption habits in the home.

Online volunteering

A team of volunteers uses digital means to provide advice to families referred by collaborating social entities or local social services.


“There is scope for reducing energy consumption and the energy bill in all homes. There are many simple practices that can be implemented, and we speak to families at risk of social exclusion about them. We must educate people about energy savings as it is good for our economy and very good for nature.”

Darío Vilas
Darío Vilas
Energy volunteer

“The work we do as energy volunteers is very important. There are people who are very vulnerable in terms of energy, but with simple saving tips and other information about the rate, contracted power and subsidised rate, for example, we can help them reduce their bills at the end of the month.”

Santiago Martínez
Santiago Martínez
Energy volunteer