We collaborate with Naturgy and its partner companies to carry out energy rehabilitation in vulnerable homes

Naturgy and its Foundation have taken a step further in the fight to alleviate energy vulnerability by involving partner companies in rehabilitating the homes of its vulnerable customers.

The cost of these actions will be borne by the Naturgy Foundation, using the resources of the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund, one of the main social initiatives of the company’s Vulnerability Plan.
The energy company will promote actions to replace and repair equipment, improve energy installations and improve energy efficiency in the homes of their vulnerable customers through express rehabilitation.

Once the needs have been identified, whether proactively through the company’s usual operations or through a notification from the social services or another social organisation, the Naturgy Foundation will manage the rehabilitation with the energy company’s network of partner companies.

The Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund is aligned with the recommendations of the National Strategy to tackle Energy Poverty 2019-2024. In this roadmap, the Government of Spain defines energyrelated property rehabilitations as one of the short-, mediumand longterm lines of action. The purpose is to address this problem structurally
and use this rehabilitation initiative of the energy company’s Foundation as an example of good practices.
According to a study conducted by the Chair of Energy Sustainability of the IEBUniversity of Barcelona Foundation and published by the Naturgy Foundation, over two thirds of Spanish families in a situation of energy vulnerability live in homes that are 25 years old or more, meaning they were constructed before the current construction regulation stipulating mandatory energy efficiency measures was established.

This new initiative is part of Naturgy’s transformation process to adapt its business to a more sustainable and social model. That is why the group has redoubled its efforts in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), and has created a Sustainability Committee within the board of directors in order to oversee and supervise the company’s role with regard to ESG, as well as to strengthen the board’s commitment to these matters.
The Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund has enabled 1,100 homes of vulnerable families to be rehabilitated, thanks to different partnership agreements the Naturgy Foundation has with social organisations such as Cruz Roja and Cáritas. To date, the Foundation has assigned €2.3 million to cover this rehabilitation, one of the main causes of energy poverty in Spain.

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