Energy and environment

Christopher Jones: “To comply with the Paris Agreement, the European Union will have to be practically free of carbon emissions by 2050.”

The driver of the European Union’s “20-20-20” programme stated that renewable energies are an opportunity to achieve competitive prices, create employment and make technology available

The expert in the power market and founder of the Technology Research Institute at the Comillas Pontifical University, Ignacio Pérez Arriaga, also took part in the event and highlighted the importance of distributed resources in the energy market of the future.

Energy and environment

Experts from across Spain met in Valencia to encourage improvements in the health of the population by addressing urban pollution

Representatives from the Spanish government, the Valencia Regional Government, the Council of the capital of Turia, the Naturgy Foundation and the UIMP met today to discuss the issue of urban pollution as a priority for improving people’s quality of life.

Every year, the Valencia Regional Government assigns €700,000 to the maintenance of the Atmospheric Pollution Surveillance and Control Network of Valencia.

Energy and environment

Nathalie Roebbel (WHO): “Urban pollution leads to seven million premature deaths every year”

Together with Berlin and the region of Lombardy, the City Council of Madrid presented the plans they have implemented to combat urban pollution and improve air quality at an event where the WHO warned that 91% of the global population is breathing in polluted air.

Poor air quality in the EU represents an annual cost of 24 billion euros, said Daniel Calleja, Director-General for the Environment of the European Commission.

Energy and environment

The solution to energy poverty must include the close collaboration between authorities, social organisations and companies.

Today, Madrid held the “Challenge of energy poverty: causes and proposals” event where national and international experts analysed the measures being implemented to reduce energy poverty both globally and in Spain.

Oxford University professor, Brenda Boardman, said that to ease this situation “we must start with the houses in the poorest conditions, without imposing a cost on vulnerable families”.

Energy and environment

Offshore power generation and respect for the environment, compatible thanks to advancements in technology

Cantabria hosted a training seminar by the Naturgy Foundation at which various experts examined the future outlook for power consumption and explained how current technology is helping to generate power offshore while safeguarding the environment.

The event was attended by representatives from the Regional Government of Cantabria, the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria, APPA Renovables, REPSOL, the Port of Vigo and Naturgy.