Energy and environment

Energy efficiency and natural gas are key to achieving EU emissions reduction targets

A panel of experts gathered in Barcelona today examined the role played by natural gas in the European sustainable growth strategy through such initiatives as cogeneration in industry and the residential sector.

During two round-table debates, the meeting organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation also discussed the role played by natural gas in land-based and maritime transport.

Energy and environment

Domotics and improving habits raise energy saving potential in buildings by 82%

• Over 80 professionals took part in the summer course provided by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and Universidad de Barcelona to analyse the new role of more active and involved energy users.

• The debates focused on the issues of electricity self-generation and self-consumption models, energy poverty and energy use efficiency.

• Raising awareness in society, automation, connectivity and the Internet of Things are opportunities to be harnessed in our homes for achieving efficient energy management and streamlining energy bills.

Energy and environment

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation analyses the impact of energy and the environment on competitiveness in the food sector. Logroño

Earlier today in Logroño, the Councillor for Economic Development and Innovation of the Regional Government of La Rioja, Leonor González, the Councillor for Agriculture, Farming and Environmental Affairs of the Regional Government of La Rioja, Iñigo Nagore, and the General Manager of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Martí Solà, officially opened the seminar entitled Competitiveness,Leer más