Energy and environment

Reduce traffic, introduce alternative fuel and improve public transport, main solutions for air quality

During an event organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation in collaboration with the Region of Madrid, a number of experts sought solutions to improve urban air quality in Spanish cities based on the experiences of Milan and Berlin.

In response to the challenges posed by transport emissions, using natural gas reduces NOx, particulate and SO2 emissions – the main causes of respiratory health problems – by more than 85%.

Energy and environment

Improving efficiency in irrigation leads to savings of up to 20% in irrigation communities’ energy bills

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation organised a conference in Valencia today, entitled ‘Energy and Water’, during which various experts presented practical cases on integrated energy and water management as a key element of efficiency, saving and sustainability.

Energy consumption for irrigation, which represents 2.3% of the national electricity demand, can experience significant savings through the introduction of a set of structural and management measures.

The conference included the presentation of a book entitled “Energía y Agua” (Energy and Water) written by Universitat de Barcelona Professor Miquel Salgot, which describes how energy plays a decisive role in the entire water cycle and vice versa.

Energy and environment

Taxes and parafiscal charges comprise more than half of the electricity tariff, making it one of the most expensive in Europe

During a session organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, in partnership with the Council of Economy, Employment and Finance of the Community of Madrid, various experts discussed solutions to lower the price of energy.

The natural gas tariff in Spain is nearly 10% more expensive than the European average due to the impact of the cost of transport networks and lower customer consumption due to the climate.

Energy and environment

Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation visits Santiago de Compostela to examine how to boost energy efficiency improvements in hotels and tourism

A group of experts gathered in Santiago today to discuss the importance of finding solutions for improving energy efficiency in hotels and reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption.

Representatives from Meliá Hotels International, Balneario de Mondariz and Hotel Spa A Quinta da Agua presented their experiences with real-world case studies of energy efficiency in hotels.

Energy and environment

Cities will account for 75% of world energy consumption and 80% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030

A group of experts brought together in Barcelona today by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation discussed the strengths and weaknesses of cities in the field of energy, resources and the environment.  Earlier today, the General Manager of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, Martí Solà, and the Catalan Minister for Territory and Sustainability, Josep Rull, openedLeer más

Energy and environment

Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation analyses impact of taxes on energy prices in Valladolid

Energy taxation increases domestic bills and drags down business competitiveness.  The costs associated with energy and social policies and taxes account for about half of the total electricity bill.  Earlier today, the Minister for Public Works and Environmental Affairs of the Regional Government of Castile-Leon, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, and the General Manager of the GasLeer más