Social action

The Naturgy Foundation signs an agreement with Accem for the energy rehabilitation of homes of families at risk of social exclusion

With this new collaboration there are now six social organisations that can benefit from the Naturgy Foundation's Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund to improve living conditions and energy efficiency in the properties of vulnerable families.

The initiative, which is part of Naturgy’s Energy Vulnerability Plan, follows the guidelines of the National Strategy to tackle Energy Poverty 2019-2024.

Energy school

The Naturgy Foundation and Caritas renew their collaboration after attending to more than 7,000 people in Spain

During their first year of collaboration, both organisations attended to more than 7,000 people at risk of vulnerability through 300 energy efficiency projects.

With the renewal of the agreement, the Naturgy Foundation and Caritas will strengthen their strategic alliance and expand their collaboration with the Social Employment and Energy Efficiency Programme aimed at training unemployed people to refurbish vulnerable housing.

As an additional activity to the projects, there are also plans to involve the Naturgy Foundation’s travelling exhibition, Energytruck – a large sustainable truck that houses a mobile exhibition on the responsible use of energy.

Energy school

Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and Spanish Red Cross help over 800 energy vulnerable families in Spain

In the first year of this partnership, the two entities helped more than 800 families at risk of vulnerability by offering advice on the responsible use of energy and an energy efficiency kit for adapting supply consumption in their homes, among other things.

By renewing the agreement, the GAS NATURAL FENOSA Foundation and the Red Cross are strengthening their strategic partnership and expanding their cooperation to include raising awareness in children and young people and offering energy workshops at schools and play centres.

Under the new agreement, the Red Cross will develop a mobile app to improve the assessment of and service to families taking part in the energy vulnerability project.

Social action

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and the Council of Madrid join forces to help the most vulnerable groups

The signing of this agreement opens a new partnership between the two organisations, which enables them to carry out projects to combat energy poverty in families who are in the greatest situations of social vulnerability.

This agreement, as well as the Employment Agency, will promote a training programme for renovating EMVS properties that is aimed at groups of professionals in the construction industry who find themselves unemployed.

Both organisations will also launch environmental awareness and respect campaigns to educate people in how to use energy resources responsibly.