We offer teaching resources aimed at encouraging active learning methodologies in essential topics for the future, such as energy efficiency and climate change.


Briefcases adapted to all educational stages and contain the necessary educational resources for students to study concepts such as energy, energy efficiency, sustainability and the environment, both independently and accompanied by the teacher. The briefcases are available on request for a maximum of one month. This teaching resource is an innovative idea that encourages active participation from pupils, who need to work on it over the course of several sessions to ensure they achieve the best results. Teachers leading the learning process receive advice from our education team.

Bioclimatic briefcases

This programme provides students with the basic skills in the technical-scientific, mathematical and social sectors by encouraging teachers to use an active methodology where students have control of their own learning process in socially significant subjects such as the energy mix, energy efficiency, climate change and health from an optical, experimental and experiential perspective.

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