Training activities that incorporate educational innovation aimed at providing specialised knowledge in the field of energy through practical exercises.

We take part in programmes throughout the country as part of a commitment to raising awareness about energy efficiency and sustainability issues.

We seek to promote technology careers among young people and especially those who need it the most.


  • Energykitsbriefcases adapted to all educational stages and contain the necessary educational resources for students to study concepts such as energy, energy efficiency, sustainability and the environment, both independently and accompanied by the teacher. The briefcases are available on request for a maximum of one month. This educational resource is an innovative idea that encourages students to participate actively, and they should work in several sessions to ensure they achieve the best result from their work. Teachers leading the learning process receive advice from the education team at the Naturgy Foundation.
  • Bioclimate briefcases: this programme provides students with the basic skills in the technical-scientific, mathematical and social sectors by encouraging teachers to use an active methodology, where students have control of their own learning process in socially significant subjects such as the energy mix, energy efficiency, climate change and health from an optical, experimental and experiential perspective.

Region of Madrid 4th-year Compulsory Secondary Education and Business Programme

We have been taking part in the Region of Madrid 4th-year Compulsory Secondary Education and Business Programme since 2017. This initiative by the Directorate-General of Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education is run in partnership with the five regional directorates in order to bring the education system and employment market closer together through educational internships at companies and institutions.

For this programme, we offer classes aimed at 4th-year compulsory secondary education students allowing them to undertake internships at various Naturgy group installations, as well as to attend talks on various aspects of the company, in order to provide knowledge about the work that is done and the professional profiles required at the multinational power company.

Programa 4º ESO + Empresa de la Comunidad de Madrid

Professional Career Project (ProVP)

Proyecto Vida Profesional

We have formed part of the Professional Career Project (ProVP) promoted by Barcelona Activa, the Barcelona Education Consortium, the BCN Professional Training Foundation, FemCat and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona since 2017. This educational innovation programme seeks to become the main instrument for guidance and education towards employment for compulsory and post-compulsory secondary education students in Barcelona, complementing the guidance work carried out by school teachers.

The participants in this programme attend a day of classes at the Naturgy group headquarters in Barcelona in order to encourage technology-related careers and to offer information about the various profiles of employees at the power company.

Magnet Partnership Programme of the Jaume Bofill Foundation

Since 2019, we have been collaborating with the Escola Font Rosella school run by the Regional Government of Catalonia in Sabadell (Barcelona) as part of the Magnet Partnerships educational innovation programme. Under the partnership with the Escuela Font Rosella, the Naturgy Foundation is committed to conveying its knowledge on training and sharing technology in the field of energy with the school faculty in order to improve the quality and unique nature of this educational project.

Magnet is a benchmark programme in the field of educational innovation promoted by the Jaume Bofill Foundation in partnership with the Education Department of the Regional Government of Catalonia, the Education Science Institute of UAB and Barcelona Provincial Council. Participation in the project promotes a partnership between schools in underprivileged areas with institution of recognised standing in its sector. The goal is for the schools to enrich their educational projects and gain magnetism to become benchmarks in their local area, both for families and the education community as a whole. This type of partnership, inspired by the Magnet Schools in the United States, has led to improvements in educational quality and equality at participating schools, avoiding social segregation and fostering equal opportunities.


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