We transfer our specialised knowledge in the field of energy in a practical way

We take part in programmes throughout the country as part of a commitment to raising awareness about energy efficiency and sustainability issues through educational activities which incorporate educational innovation. We seek to promote technology careers among young people and especially those who need it the most.

We offer...

›  Service-Learning

An educational proposal aimed at 14 to 16-year-old students, which combines learning and community service processes into one single project.

›  Multienergy District Heating and Cooling. Olot’s smart network

We make a guided tour and educational activities available to help you discover how new energy technologies take clean energy to the city of Olot.

›  Classroom materials

We provide teaching materials to use in the classroom, aimed at encouraging active learning methodologies in essential topics for the future, such as energy efficiency and climate change.

›  Promoting STEM careers 

Educational proposals focused on promoting scientific and technological careers and bringing the educational system closer to the world of work through experiences and events in companies and institutions.

More information and requests:

If you are interested in one of our Efigy Education educational resources or would like more information, you can contact us by:

Telephone: 934 129 640

Email: educacionfundacion@naturgy.com