Through practical training, you will learn how to detect cases of energy poverty in order to try and mitigate this problem. You will learn about express rehabilitation for at-risk homes, as well as measures to encourage energy efficiency as the main strategy to reduce the effects of energy poverty. Finally, the course will provide you with knowledge on energy vulnerability grants and subsidised energy supply contracts.


This course offers an original view of the social phenomenon of energy vulnerability in the context of western countries, particularly in Spain. As part of the National Strategy to tackle Energy Poverty, Spain must take action to reduce energy vulnerability, understood as the situation of a household where basic energy needs cannot be met due to a low level of income, and which can at times be worsened by the low level of energy efficiency of the building

Equipment provided

We provide the following technical materials to complement the training:

  • Standard energy efficiency kit (LED lamps, draught excluders for windows and doors, current clamp, extension lead, radiator insulator, tap aerator, etc.)
  • Teaching materials used during the course, with technical content and practical worksheets that can be used directly in the classroom.
  • Throughout the school year, talks on the efficient energy use in the home may be organise with the Energy School.

Professional families and training

The acquisition of knowledge about energy vulnerability is aimed at the “Sociocultural and Community Services” professional family, in particular teachers of the advanced technical education course on social integration.

More information and requests:

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