Education and dissemination

Comillas ICAI-ICADE creates the Chair in Energy and Poverty with multiple stakeholders and Gas Natural Fenosa sponsorship

The new chair will conduct multidisciplinary research into various aspects of poverty linked to energy, namely, technological, social, business and legal.

It has the backing of a number of leading power companies, such as Gas Natural Fenosa, Endesa, EDP and Sedigas, who offer their support and collaboration to understand the causes of poverty related with energy and to provide a coordinated solution.

Education and dissemination

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation presents the book ‘Història de la indústria del gas a Catalunya’ (History of the gas industry in Catalonia) in Barcelona

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and the Catalonia Science and Technology and Industrial Archaeology Museum Association presents the book entitled ‘Història de la indústria del gas a Catalunya’ (History of the gas industry in Catalonia), on Monday 29 January at 6:30 pm at the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (Via Laietana, 39 – Barcelona).

Education and dissemination

Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum brings the exhibition entitled ‘Want to play? Let’s think about energy’ at the MUNCYT in A Coruña

This exhibition consists of different interactive spaces for hands-on experimentation to discover the secrets of two of the energy sources we use most in our homes: gas and electricity.

The exhibition will run until 15 July 2018 in the La Coruña branch of MUNCYT, after being displayed at the Logroño Science House and the Light Factory. Ponferrada Energy Museum.

Free workshops for schools will be offered on weekdays, and on weekends, workshops will be aimed at families.