Mexico should take advantage of the golden age of natural gas

With suitable policies and actions, Mexico now has a great opportunity to place value on the vast natural gas resources it possesses, both in conventional natural gas fields, whether they are associated with oil or not, and in shale gas reserves. This was put forward at the seminar “International Natural Gas in Mexico: an energy of the future”, organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation in partnership with the Governance and Public Policy School at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.


The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation organises a seminar in Bari (Italy) about local energy efficiency

Under the theme “Sustainable energy management at a local level”, the meeting brought together more than 70 experts, mayors and local administrators.

ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, also collaborated on the conference, with a talk focused on efficient energy management.

The foundation renewed its commitment in terms of information, training and awareness about energy efficiency and environmental protection matters in Italy.


Visit of the International Projects Coordinator for the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation

On Tuesday 13 November 2012, the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Training Centre at the Espaço Criança Esperança in the communities of Cantagalo, Pavão/Pavãozinho in Río de Janeiro welcomed the International Projects Coordinator for the Foundation, Manuel Beguer i Mayor. He asked them about how important the centre is for them and discussed any improvements that could be made to improve the service.


Supplier development programme. Colombia.

Companies that issue bills, deal with natural gas emergencies and restoration companies. The comprehensive training plan will enable the contracted companies to coordinate better with Gasoriente S.A., ESP and to raise quality and service levels in their operation. The implementation of this programme brings together 160 people who work in different positions at Prestegas, Tecnogas, Esystem, Siig and H&L.


Graduation from the training programme of suppliers in Mexico

The second block of companies trained in the “Boost for your business” programme have finished. Since it started in 2008, 57 companies have benefited from the programme, receiving certification as natural gas installation experts who are endorsed by the Mexican Natural Gas Association (AMGN), a leader in the sector and part of the advisory committees for the Mexican Official Standards.