Do power plants have the same installation and maintenance costs? And do they produce the same environmental impact? Which power plants do you think are the most expensive? And which have the greatest environmental impact?

It consists of creating a landscape with different aspects relating to energy. At the end, you receive a score for the energy production of the landscape, in addition to other values such as costs, emissions and environmental impact. To obtain each energy production, an natural energy source and a human installation or power plant is required. The final scores are symbolic and proportional between the different sources, so they have a purely comparative value.

This interactive game enables users to take control learning about energy production and consumption, revealing that not all energy sources produce the same and have the same impact.

Minimum age and theme

For children aged 9 years old.

Knowledge of the natural, social and cultural environment.

Educational objectives

Through an interactive game, discover different energy production from sources present in nature. Consolidate environmental conservation and energy saving values.

Content of the educational programme

  • Energy sources in nature.
  • Different productions of every source.
  • Energy efficiency.

Curriculum skills

  • Mathematical skill and basic science and technology skills.
  • Learn to learn.
  • Linguistic communication.