Indice eficiencia energetica 2016

Our commitment to energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a basic tool of environmental quality. That is why the activities of the Naturgy Foundation focus on promoting information, training and raising public awareness of improved energy efficiency and technological innovation in relation to energy, in a way that is consistent with respect for and protection of the environment.


It is the art of achieving many effects with few resources.


With advanced technology and common sense.

For what?

To achieve a more sustainable world in the short and long term.

XI Household Energy Efficiency Index

The Naturgy Foundation has been firmly committed to energy efficiency for years. This positioning of the institution has resulted in the organization and participation of multiple activities aimed at promoting energy efficiency among citizens. Some of these activities are the efficiency studies that we carry out on a regular basis to verify the capacity for energy improvement in Spanish homes and SMEs.

“Spanish homes have a saving potential of 27.4%, which could be reached by improving habits and facilities in the home”


History of Energy Efficiency Indexes