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Natural Gas in the New Energy World

2021 | Vaclav Smil

Vaclav Smil analyses the current situation of natural gas and the role it can and should play in the energy transition, taking into account its characteristics, supply, demand, and global environmental objectives.


Renewable gas. The future of energy and the environment


Climate change is the greatest challenge of this century and encompasses several key aspects such as the health and well-being of the population, the quality of the environment and the future of many economic sectors. Burning fossil fuels is one of the main causes of climate change as it produces greenhouse gases that, in turn, lead to global warming.


Digitalisation of electricity distribution networks in Spain


The report analyses in detail the concept of digitalisation, the costs and benefits involved, and indicators for measuring the level of digitalisation, as well as competence, training and regulation needs to promote implementation.

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Evolution of greenhouse gas emissions in Spain and comparison with the European context


Did you know that Germany was the European Union’s leading emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) in 2019? And that Spain’s per capita emissions were one-third lower than Germany’s?


The potential of biomethane in a reference city: Lleida


The objective of this article is to analyse what contribution the production of biogas and biomethane could represent in an average city, such as Lleida, capital of the Segriá region (Catalonia), in order to also detect the limitations or barriers which would have to be overcome. The analysis undertaken shows that there is a possible synergy between the different municipalities of the region, due to the fact that some have more resources to produce biomethane than are necessary for its own consumption. The existence of gas pipes to distribute the biomethane from where it is produced to where it can be used with maximum efficiency makes it possible to take advantage of the aforementioned synergy. S


2020 Report. The Spanish natural gas sector in numbers


Naturgy Foundation presents a new annual report on “The Spanish natural gas sector in numbers”, to add to last week’s report on the electricity sector. This new document provides a simple summary all the official data published on the gas business, with a particular emphasis on the economic data. It is an organised collection of all the information related to the gas sector for 2020, supplemented by information from the period 2016-2020 to give a more complete picture of the evolution of this economic sector.


Video of the webinar “Conversations on the development of hydrogen and its markets with Javier Brey and Raúl Yunta”


On 30 June, Naturgy Foundation and the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome held their second webinar based on expert conversations on current affairs relating to energy, the environment, and sustainability. This session, in partnership with the Spanish Hydrogen Association (Asociación Española del Hidrógeno, AeH2) and MIBGAS, discussed the development of hydrogen and its markets in the context of increased interest and support for this energy source in Spain and in Europe.


2020 Report. The Spanish power sector in numbers


The Naturgy Foundation presents the third annual report on “The Spanish power sector in numbers”, which by a simple and efficient method collects and groups all official data published by various public bodies and institutions that control and supervise this activity, with special emphasis being placed on economic data. The report gathers and organises all the information for 2020 and supplements it with the information from between 2016 and 2020 in order to better understand the evolution of this economic sector.

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Sustainable urban freight distribution. For a better economy, environment and society


Urban freight distribution is the link in the supply chain that operates inside cities with the aim of supplying business establishments as well as the end customer. A way of operating that has been gaining presence and importance as changes in consumption habits and advances in technology have led to e-commerce registering double-digit year-on-year growth in recent years.


Fact Energy. La sostenibilidad que viene


The work, based on data and practical examples, tries to explain in an approachable and informative way, some ideas we have regarding energy, which are sometimes built on preconceptions that condition how we think or decide.