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Through the Knowledge Center you can access a wide variety of information and documentation on topics related to energy and the environment, sustainability, energy efficiency or industrial heritage. This virtual space created by the Naturgy Foundation puts at your disposal books, articles, papers, magazines, videos and material of disclosure for free.

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The subsidised rate as a way to protect vulnerable consumers


Having a social protection mechanism in place to tackle the energy transition effectively is undeniably essential, and this has been recognised by the European Commission. In Spain, the so-called subsidised electricity rate has been created, which consists of discounts on electricity bills for vulnerable consumers.


The Commission’s new draft Taxonomy: Delegated Act related to natural gas generation and nuclear power

2022 | Christopher Jones

The EU Taxonomy is a classification system that defines which activities (not products) are compatible with the IPCC objective of keeping global warming below 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels, and thus the EU’s Green Deal objectives of full decarbonisation of its economy by 2050.

FONDO BLANCO-Área de Energía y Medio Ambiente

Studies and debates 2021


Here is a video summary of the publications and debates promoted by the Naturgy Foundation in 2021. Energy is one of the fundamental cornerstones of our society, but it is also one of most complex and hard-to-understand key sectors. To try and improve our understanding of this complex sector, which also plays a crucial part in the sustainable development of society and in people’s lives, each year the Naturgy Foundation promotes the preparation and publication of studies and debates that help disseminate and analyse the true situation of this sector and the challenges faced in the current transition process.

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Cost-efficient decarbonisation


Update to data from the report published at the end of 2020, which included the information available on decarbonisation goals achieved up to that time and expected future costs in renewable generation, as well as the main observations to be borne in mind in the debate on regulatory and market measures to be adopted to boost the development of new technologies.


The role of the consumer and demand management in the Energy Transition


This report was prepared by PwC Spain at the request of the Naturgy Foundation in order to analyse the role of new energy consumers, their role in demand management and impact in the energy transition.

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Jobs that will be in demand in the energy sector


In our current context of socio-economic recovery, decarbonisation and digitalisation of the economy, it is essential to provide a framework for reflecting on the future of work in the energy sector. This framework must provide relevant and innovative solutions to at least the following questions: What will happen with employment in the coming decades? What will the new jobs be? What training, competences and skills will be key for the jobs of the future? How can the most vulnerable groups benefit from employment opportunities generated by the ecological transition of the economy?


Electricity in Spain: price formation, bill composition and comparison to other countries


The Spanish electricity system is undergoing a major transformation toward a model low in greenhouse gas emissions, framed within European and international energy and environmental agreements. The primary purpose of this report is to explain how electricity prices are formed in Spain and their comparison with other European countries.


Video webinar “Conversations on sustainability as seen by corporations and investors with Jaime Silos and Ana Claver”


On 15 December, the Naturgy Foundation and the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome held their fifth webinar based on expert conversations on current affairs relating to energy, the environment, and sustainability.

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The contribution of the Spanish energy sector to the new European social objectives


The current economic model is turning toward a more sustainable, resilient and fair model. There have been a number of initiatives set in motion to make this change possible, by all stakeholders.


Webinar video “Conversations about Climate Change: conclusions from Glasgow COP26 with Teresa Solana and Pedro Linares”


On 26 November, the Naturgy Foundation and the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome held their fourth webinar based on expert conversations on current affairs relating to energy, the environment, and sustainability.